whole shit clusterf*ck

I hate adding to the mountain of media bearing his name so I won’t say it. You will know who I’m talking about.

What I can’t stand most about this whole shit clusterfuck of what the fuck is going on????????  Is that he is so stupid and so shallow that some political leaders only have to fake like him and he gives us away.  It is nice to see that many countries are as aghast/annoyed as we are–like MexicoSwedenJapan— but anyone unsavory (like Putin perhaps?) could take advantage of that disgustingly inflated ego and leave the American people in the dirt. 

All they ever want is MONEYYY…and this is why a capitalist society will always suck for the vast majority. Too many selfish greedy men that chip away at the world because fuck everybody else. Fuck leaving this world to a newer, smarter generation. It’s all about ME. That’s what capitalism says. Conglomerates that provide you your news, your grocery store, your restaurants, your technology. Whole communities that only see what this one conglomerate decides they should see. I feel like I’m talking conspiracies but I’m not! We are living in the beginnings of the Handmaids Tale. The Rover. Blade Runner. 

The fight for this land is slipping their way. Oil pipelines, fracking, no cap on emissions; Rick Perry as the head of the EPA. 

If anything, we must impeach. He is a security threat; he is easily swayed and therefore a liability. We can shut him down when he’s being unconstitutional ✊️, can’t we stop him before he pushes the button?!

We must overthrow him, it is time for the Ides of March! Also, please anyone who sees this, send a postcard to Donny on March 15th!!!!!! I’m making mine and it’s going to say Youths Organized & United Against Rude Evil Awful Fake Ass Repulsive Tr*mp (YOU ARE A FART).  It’s toilet humor so I know he will understand it, and there’s no way you can twist that sentence to mean anything other than what it means. 



At the Detriment of the American People

The American people have almost no control over government decisions, economic policies, and the direction of our communities. Elected politicians live in a different world than the people, playing chess games of life and death that more and more have resulted in an increasing disparity between the haves and have nots.  They’re celebrities, so above and beyond the suffering of the common American that they cannot fathom what we want.  Our voices can be seen all over the Internet, heard on television and in the movies, but they’re too busy focusing on raising money for their cause.  Their cause is themselves, their promise to serve the people a terrible joke at our expense.

There are exceptions.  I have my liberal heroes, and hell, even certain Republicans are sensible leaders with an idea of what is best for the country.  But there is a movement going forth, a desperate group that cannot understand their loss of control and are becoming more vicious as a result.  As David Frum puts it, this group, the Republican Party, is in the throes of a “Tea Party tantrum.”

After reading “The GOP’s Real Agenda,” in Rolling Stone issue 1179, I was compelled to respond to the information presented.  There seems to be a greater divide between Republicans and Democrats each year, and the reasoning for this is unclear.  Many assume the color of President Obama’s skin is part of it, and it does seem their outcries against him are more ridiculous than normal.  “The most radical president we’ve ever seen” (Sen. Ted Cruz)?  On social issues this may be true, but there is nothing dangerous about gay men and women getting married.  What is dangerous, what will destroy us if nothing is done, is not sensibly balancing our budget and letting the effects of global warming ravage our planet.  These are real problems with real solutions that we already know.  However, “the GOP’s severely conservative agenda…seeks to impose job-killing austerity, to roll back voting and reproductive rights, to deprive the working poor of health care, and to destroy agencies that protect the environment from industry and consumers from predatory banks.”

First, the deficit.  “During the ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiations that opened 2013, President Obama laid out a fix to the sequester mess, limiting domestic and defense spending cuts to $200 billion.  He sought to make up the difference by leveraging government purchasing power to reap $400 billion in health-care savings and banked another $200 billion by ending waste in farm subsidies and other ‘mandatory’ spending. Obama rounded out his proposal by…limiting tax deductions and loopholes for the rich and…trimming Social Security payouts by adjusting the way Washington measures inflation.”  The article goes on to say that twenty years ago, his proposal might have been presented by Republican Sen. Bob Dole, but the Republican Congress reacted as if he was Hugo Chavez.  
Honestly, I don’t even understand this.  I don’t understand how adult men could have such strikingly different world views. There is always a certain truth, so somebody is lying.  Rolling Stone could be lying; their notoriously liberal articles make it obvious who they root for. Or, Republicans could be intent on making President Obama seem like the worst president in history.  Whatever they’re thinking, the direction of their own politics seems scarily unAmerican.  Their own budget bill “would have protected defense contractors by restoring all Pentagon spending and delivered the $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction on…low-income Americans — hollowing out social programs, decimating food-stamp benefits, [and] abolishing Meals on Wheels,” as well as “given Congress the ability to zero out the budget for the hated Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.”
The worst of it is that “these cuts will do little to balance the budget.”  Fed chairman Ben Bernanke pointed out that slowing the economy hurts revenue and that this plan will cost a lot of jobs in the short run.  So why would the Republicans want it?

Its presented to us that Republicans love big business and they hate big government.  They seek to provide money and support to their big business allies (defense contractors, oil companies), removing regulation or anything else that would get in the way of these allies.  These allies give them money, and in this wonderful capitalist democracy we hold dear, money is king.  Money means you can ignore starving children and live in luxury long after you’ve quit your job as a “public servant.”

Global warming is another giant threat that doesn’t just face our nation, but our entire planet.  Whether you believe in it or not, if we do not make some change in the way we’re living, we will cease to live.  Limiting our carbon emissions, increasing our use of solar and wind power, and severely decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels will improve the state of the Earth regardless of why it needs to be done.  On a recent Bill Maher episode, Peter Byck said that simply redesigning the way we farm and graze cattle would turn “on” the soil, which means it would begin to sequester large amounts of carbon from the air.

However, the Republican Party remains committed to ignoring that need.  “The House Science, Space and Technology Committee, which has jurisdiction over global-warming research, has been stacked with deniers, like Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, who once blamed climate change on “dinosaur flatulence” and Rep. Paul Broun, a creationist who blasts science as ‘lies straight from the pits of hell.”  Even Sen. Marco Rubio says, “We can pass a bunch of laws that will destroy our economy, but it isn’t going to change the weather.”

This denial that there is a problem or that anything can be done about it will be at the detriment of the American people.  These people are in charge of our future, and if they continue to make these ignorant decisions, we will have nowhere to go. (Because we’ll be dead or confined to our homes or washed away to sea.)

At the beginning, I said that we have almost no control over the direction of our government.  In fact, the only voice that these politicians will hear is our vote.  The Tea Party is a big baby; a wrench, further slowing down the cogs.  The “Occupy”ers faded away, a hippie joke to the other side.  Short of terrorism, your only real power as an average American is to be aware of voting day.  Be aware of what your candidates stand for.  As the RS article begins, “after watching voters punish the GOP in the 2012 elections…”.  Let’s show them that we’re not fucking around — that we’re paying attention to who they favor and we will vote accordingly!



This is the title of a favorite Cobra Skulls song, and when it came on this morning on my way to work, I started thinking about President Obama’s use of drones.  Many liberal media people do not agree with the use of drones, and it made me wonder why I never had a problem with it.  I consider myself to be a very liberal person; I want borders to disappear, drugs to be legalized and everyone to be free and equal.  Sitting in traffic, I had an interesting thought, that President Obama being responsible for drones seemed to be a positive action in my head, like “if he feels it was necessary, I trust him.”  On the opposite side, if former President Bush (Dubya) was responsible for drone attacks, I don’t think I would be as accepting.

Does this mean I’m a slave to the Democratic party?  I am not a strict Democrat…I am more to the left on most social issues.  I’m to the right on capital punishment, since I don’t have a problem with death.  Overcrowding is a real problem, people!  In the end, I’m not perfectly aligned, and I do have values that lean Republican.  I think of drones as stealthy and futuristic.  In reality they are not, but it certainly seems more updated then sending an army of men (& women!) in to risk their lives.  Isn’t the whole point of building robots to make them fight our wars, work in our factories, and drive our cars?  How else are they going to learn how to uprise and attack us in our inevitable war of man vs. machine?

However, the real uproar about drones is that they circumvent the sixth amendment rights of a trial, and target and kill people without any due process.  The person being targeted is most likely a known terrorist, but drone attacks aren’t exactly accurate either.  They’ve been known to go after the wrong person, and are also responsible for killing hundreds (thousands?) of civilians.  So, its not really stealthy, and its too fucked up to be futuristic.  

I was old enough to realize what 9/11 was when it happened, but I didn’t.  It was a network of foreigners that hated this country enough to affect it forever.  The government told us those foreigners hated our country because it was a symbol of freedom, but maybe it was more to do with our own role in terrorism.  The end result is America picking the bad guys off like this is an action movie.  Team America, Fuck Yeah!

And here’s another thing to think about: drones assassinate terrorist leaders whose followers now have a whole new reason to hate America.  They already hated us! Right?

So we live in a scary new world, and drones is the answer after thirty seconds of silence while someone tries to think of a different idea.  The only real measure of worth is if using drones has kept us safe, and how do you measure that?  How do you measure what didn’t happen?  If, at the very least, it keeps American soliders home, then we have that.  Maybe someday we can create an innovation of the drone, where it snatches up the terrorist and puts them in a flying, titanium cage.  And then drops them off at…….Guantanamo Bay! >:O Another symptom of this sad, sad world…..


Absolute Batshit Psycho

So, you saw that this happened right?

It sucks, it fuckin sucks, that our country has been reduced to this.  No question, this kid had issues, but it seems these days the fastest way to be famous is to do something unquestionably horrible.  When I was searching for a news link to use, the first one that popped up was CNN, and true to form, they have tagged the two other most notable mass school murderers at the bottom of the article.  Like, this is really shitty news, but wait,  here’s a reminder of how often we hear this kind of shitty news in America now.

This one aches though, because the big difference, the shocking headline that made me whisper, “What the fuck?”, was an elementary school was targeted.  A high school or college student is the one with the murderous angst, but instead of turning it on his peers this time, he went after the symbol of innocence in America.  To explain something like this, you turn to mental instability.  An absolute batshit psycho did this, because that’s the only type of person who could stand opening fire across a school full of children under 10.  A former classroom degenerate, I can understand the teachers and the principal, but I will never understand the children.

I’ve seen a lot of calls for gun control today, from people I admire in all walks of life.  It seems like the perfect day to do it, I agree.  The first thing that pops in my mind when people start shouting that guns are the problem is The Simpsons Halloween episode where Springfield finally decides to listen to Lisa and they donate all their guns to melt down as playground equipment.  This act finally realized, zombie cowboys rise from the grave and threaten everyone into submission with the only guns in town. (“The Fight to Creep and Scare Arms”)

As much of a zombie nerd as I am (I have already chosen the flamethrower as my weapon of choice for the apocalypse), I don’t think zombies with guns is a real threat, realistically.  Not right now anyway.  However, people in all their fracturing mental states are the ones who decide to kill, and illegality has never stopped people from pursuing their need.  The problem is in the culture, but like everything else wrong with this fucked up country, its something so big that people can’t focus on fixing it.  Instead, they focus on things they can see.  Adding tax breaks to a system full of loopholes.  Adding regulations in an economy drowning in greed.  Amend, amend, amend.

I certainly don’t have the answers, but hopefully those in power are smarter than me and have not only realized these looming problems, but have begun to figure out a way they can do something about it.  They’ve been talking about straightening out the tax code for some time now and it would be great to see something followed through.  That’s not really going to save any lives, though (well, maybe a couple).  More importantly, this boy, who made us all question this evil world today, was able to reach twenty years of age before going on a spree that included his mother.  Making guns harder to get isn’t going to solve that problem.

Mitt Romney Lies

Type that in to Google and this is what you get:


31 instances in which Politifact found Mitt Romney’s claims to be completely false.


Mitt Romney may have had a better performance in the first debate, but again, he was lying.


Mitt Romney blames President Obama for something he had nothing to do with.  Outright lies.


“There’s no legislation with regards to abortion…[that is] part of my agenda” Oh really, Mr. Defund-Planned-Parenthood?


One of my favorite liberal heroes, Rachel Maddow, also consistently shows how Mitt Romney will make claims, whether in campaign commercials or tv interviews, that turn out to be completely false.  Or, his staff later releases a statement that whatever claim Mitt Romney made is not correct.  Obviously, to him campaigning is synonymous with lying your ass off.  Please watch this, its very eye-opening.

The worst part about it is that he doesn’t seem to realize he is lying.  Or, he is such a good pathological liar, that he believes what he is saying to be true, at that moment.  Mitt Romney has spent many years campaigning for president, and he has never been this close.  Unfortunately, he feels that he cannot win without lying about everything.
There’s too many eyes on Mitt for him to just etch-a-sketch away his most extreme positions.
Just as one example, he and the Republicans in general have stated that they are completely against abortion, regardless of rape or incest during the campaign.  Today he states that he doesn’t believe that, that abortion legislation isn’t even important to him.  We are not amnesiacs Mitt Romney! We remember what you said a week ago.

One other thing I want to say that I think was an important point: I watched the latest Real Time with Bill Maher yesterday, and on the topic of the debate, both the Republican guests and Bill Maher agreed that Mitt Romney looked “more presidential,” and that President Obama looked intimidated.  Guest Kerry Washington pointed out, correctly, however, “Mitt Romney looked strong and Mitt Romney looked aggressive.  But, you can’t look presidential when you’re just telling lies.”

I will not stand for a president who will lie to the people over and over.  He is the abusive husband that slapped you across the room, then said sorry and that he’ll never do it again.  He’s going to do it again.  Don’t let him.


Watch this video.  Listen for actual facts listed, not opinion or guesses as to what President Obama is thinking.  Listen to how O’Reilly reacts to Juan Williams citing facts, clearing his throat loudly when Juan says that corporations have more money right now than they have since the 60’s, using the Wall Street Journal (Republican newspaper) as one of his sources.

The Republican party has nothing right now.  Nothing except stupid people who don’t THINK.
Unless you are a millionaire, the Republican party is bad for your health.

EDIT: I am also perplexed with this exchange:

Juan Williams:  “Why don’t we go with the Republican prescriptions, which is, oh you know what? We’ll just stop regulating, give them big tax breaks, that’s like giving them money-”

Republican Woman: “Oh yeah, all regulations are bad!” (rolls eyes)

She says this sarcastically and shakes her head, like “all regulations are bad” is a Democratic talking point but this is one of the cornerstones of the Republican plan!  I’m confused why she says it like that, since it sounds as though she is agreeing with him but the video proves otherwise.  She is purposely there NOT to agree with him and to back up whatever O’Reilly says.

America is On Fire

This entire country is made up of industries, trying to make people their slaves. Hollywood, healthcare, food, oil, law, credit cards, housing. They want you to owe them everything; money, health, children, LIVES.  Lots of lives. Lives of people who couldn’t take the mounting debt, or children actors, forever searching for that big break.  Lives of people living near oil rigs or drill sites,  people who eat contaminated, grain-fed beef.  Who have no choice when it comes to a life saving surgery in our system of copays and deductibles.

Ha, sorry for the heavy introduction, but now you know what happens when you go on a Netflix documentary spree.  Food Inc. King Corn. Gasland. Maxed Out. You find out that this country is so fucked.  There is so much about it that needs to be changed, the daunting task makes me feel hopeless.  I don’t really know what I can do to help. Blog my anti-government rants so that one day when capitalism has obliterated democracy and the internet is combed for thought crimes, I could be abducted and interviewed?

I didn’t know what to do, and I was inspired to write this blog after catching the last 20 minutes of The Hollywood Complex, a doc on Showtime about child actors. The theme in every documentary I watch is about how often the average person gets taken advantage of by those in their business solely to profit. Nevermind your quality of life, your health, your overall mental well being — the most desolate are their biggest customers.

If you are like me and unfortunately want to know how bad off we are, watch one of these documentaries, or any documentary. Read up on how most food is made. What a credit card companies’ objectives are. Who supports our lawmakers financially.

I was watching Maxed Out and, besides credit card debt, they talked about the government’s role in the country’s economic decline. And I kept thinking, Wall Street is just a big gambling game, our economy relies on a fucking gambling game. Maybe I don’t know, but when they’re talking about buying and selling debt, it sounds like a fuckin game to me. Like this whole life is a game.

Maybe it is. Maybe our entire existence is so absurd that its meant to be baffling, even though it seems to me that it didn’t have to be that way. Is there a right way to govern & sell to the people, a way that is honest and helpful?


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